Old Cylinder Disposal

As cylinders become redundant they have to be disposed of safely. It is not acceptable to dispose of them at the local tip because if they get through the checking system and end up in the landfill, then they can very easily get squashed by the bulldozer tracks or blade and this will cause sparks and consequently an explosive flash of flame, which will most likely reach the dozer driver – heaven help him. Bring the cylinder to us and we will make it safe before disposing of it. We charge $10 per cylinder for this as there is labour involved. Also, decide whether it really does need to be disposed of and not just retested. If in doubt phone one of our technicians and they will advise you on the best options.

Clipon Cylinders Still Operating

Clipon cylinders are still in operation and should still be working alongside QCC cylinders for some time to come. Some service stations are giving out false information to people who own clipon cylinders. They are saying that they are illegal. Well, that is not true, they are causing people to get a new cylinder and of course then they will have to purchase a new regulator as well.


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